Kommunikation unterliegt einer ständigen Weiterentwicklung. Deshalb haben wir uns in den letzten Jahren darauf konzentriert, unseren Kunden alle Kernbereiche der modernen Kommunikation anzubieten.

Wir sind keine Großagentur, sondern bodenständig, fair und geradeaus. Kreativität gehört ganz sicher zu unserem Handwerkszeug, aber die klassische Realisierung von Maßnahmen steht immer noch im Vordergrund unserer Leistungen.

Für viele unserer Auftraggeber agieren wir als „verlängerter“ Schreibtisch. Der große Vorteil für beide Seiten:

  1. Wir kennen die Denke, die Bedürfnisse, Wünsche und Vorstellungen unserer Kunden
  2. Wir agieren schnell und flexibel und nutzen kurze Wege
  3. Wir arbeiten ziel- und kostenorientiert
  4. Sie haben immer ein komplettes Team an Ihrer Seite

Authentic, effective, and honest!

For more than ten years IMAGEplus has catered for clients in the Hunsrück area and beyond. We develop creative and targeted engagement strategies and means to place companies and their brands in the appropriate market segments. We use the entire array of modern marketing approaches – after all the way we communicate has developed immensely over the past ten years.

Digitalisation has become a constant factor in this ever evolving world. Classic corporate presentation is one of the focal points of our advertising strategy with the aim of enhancing the prestige and reputation of your company.

Over a decade ago IMAGEplus started with sign making, textile print advertising, and advertising materials. Today, these three sectors are still corner stones of our work, however, we have gone with the times and offer modern technology advertising solutions as well. Our highly motivated team of professionals works under the premiss of „Nothing is impossible“.

Advertising and Marketing

IMAGEplus focusses on two core questions:

  1. „Did we understand our clients wishes?“ and following on from that
  2. „Can we achieve the same mindset as our client to present them with optimised, individual solutions that they are confident with?“

We apply these principles to all sectors of our work, be it printing of T-shirts or developing a new corporate design. Advertising and marketing are closely linked and it can be difficult to decide on an optimal strategy considering all the options available. At IMAGEplus we work closely with our clients to develop targetted and individualised strategies and tools to help our customers achieve their aims.

Advertising materials

Gain new customers with the right advertising materials. A personalized present with an advertising message can achieve wonders in dealing with business partners. We offer printing and/or engraving of promotional gifts, goodie bags, give-aways or premium promotional items for your exclusive promotional needs. You can select from our extensive line of promotional items of touch-point pens, pen drives, mugs, calendars, exclusive wines, as well as leather goods, sweets and other accessories. We aim to please and surprise you with well thought out, individualised marketing strategies.

Advertising materials

Textile such as clothing is a good advertising platform. After all, they are worn by people, thus symbolising identification and confidence in the brand or product. And whom can we trust, if not our fellow humans? This is not only limited to promotional purposes or trade-fair uniforms. Textile printing can be used to creat work uniforms, which can help to strengthen team spirit in your business. High quality printed textiles can be a very effective advertising medium and be used as promotional gifts for your customers. Textile offer an ideal plain canvass to allow your creative ideas to develop, and with today’s advanced textile printing methods there is (almost) no limit to your imagination.

  • Flex printing
  • Flock printing
  • Screen printing
  • Transfer printing
  • Dye sublimation printing
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Stitching
  • Plastisol printing
Sign making for advertising

From vehicular to neon light advertising: what ever kind of sign making you require for your advertising purposes, we can deliver. You need custom work done? We make it happen and develop new and innovative solutions.

Our business activities include:

  • Labelling
  • Vehicular foil application
  • Display window labelling
  • Foil plotting and glass panes
  • Advertising, roll-up, and Pop-Up Banners
  • Shape and luminous transparencies
  • Advanced LED-solutions
  • Classical sign making and sign-systems
  • Hoisting systems
  • Pylons
  • Construction work signs
  • Trade-fair stand constructions and concepts
  • Trade stand design
  • Coordination with trade-fair organisers
  • Storage of components
Business communication

For most businesses communication encompasses more than just distributing press releases. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the right message is send at the right time to the right recipients. Our team at IMAGEplus will understand your aims and advise you on the best communication strategy. Your reputation is our success!

  • Public relations
  • Employee communication
  • Employee and/or customer events
  • Trade-fair publications
  • Crisis prevention and management
  • Leadership management

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